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Christian Hewlett

Registered Massage Therapist

Owner Operator, RMT

My body work is a continuous flowing style, based on martial art movement and breath.  I incorporate a variety of techniques from around the world.  Heart and mind tend to drive my treatment purpose.

Massage sessions will vary based on the clients individual needs.  The application ranging from relaxation, myofascial release, deep tissue-extreme deep tissue, specific work as well as passive joint mobilization and acupressure.  Working on cellular memory to release emotions, injuries and pain to help promote total well being.

I have had great results with clients that have suffered from chronic headaches, dizziness, numbness in extremities, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen joints, rotator cuff syndrome, surgeries and scare tissue, to help increase strength and mobility, myofascitis, fibromyalgia, whiplash, strains and sprains.

 I can produce a treatment plan that will be specific for treating you and whatever ails you.  Or just come in for a nice relaxing massage and  tune out from the daily grind.

I have dedicated my life to people with neuromuscular conditions and am looking for clients who are interested in working toward a specific goal.

North Richland Hills, TX  76180

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Sara Hewlett



Office Manager

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